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(Kateng) 35% Difenoconazole· Azoxystrobin suspension agent

More than 5 points, a little more protection!


Common name: 35% Difenoconazole· Azoxystrobin suspension agent
Registered crops:


Registration object: Rice blast, sheath blight
Suitable crops: Peanuts, wheat, fruit trees, vegetables, etc.
Specification: 50 grams, 500 grams
Features: 1. Dual action mechanism, ultra-broad spectrum
2. Protection, prevention and treatment
3. Root, stem and leaf comprehensive systemic absorption
4. Delay aging, prolong green leaf time, increase yield and quality
Use technology:


Control object

Formulation amount



Rice blast, sheath blight

30-40 grams


How to use:
Start the medication before the disease occurs or just see the sporadic lesions. Spray evenly on the water surface.

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