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(Yinzongjian) 20% fenpropathrin emulsifiable concentrate


Safety and environmental AUXILIARY, achieve high-end fenpropathrin !


Common name: 20% fenpropathrin emulsifiable concentrate
Registered crops:

Cruciferous vegetables

Control objects: cabbage caterpillar
Suitable crops: Cotton, vegetables, fruit trees, etc.
Specification: 55 ml, 60 ml, 65 ml
Features: Yinzongjian brand inherits from the silver arrow brand of Lecco Chemical's predecessor, Fuyang New Ball Pesticide Chemical Co., Ltd., which has the most authentic fenpropathrin processing technology and formula essence. After years of painstaking management, it has been favored by more farmers in Jiangxi and Hunan markets.
Use technology:


Control object

Formulation amount


Cruciferous vegetables

cabbage caterpillar



Cabbage worms are evenly sprayed at the beginning, no more than 3 times per season, and the safety interval is 3 days.

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