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(Youzhan) 40% Methoxyfenozide · indoxacarb suspension agent


Kill the big worm, use Youzhan, safe and long-lasting and kill eggs!


Common name: 40% methoxy·indoxacarb suspension
Registered crops:


Control objects: Beet armyworm
Suitable crops: Vegetables, fruit trees, cotton, soybeans, etc.
Specification: 8 grams, 50 grams, 200 grams
Features: 1. Double insecticidal mechanism, high activity, low dosage: insect ecdysone and nerve agent have dual action sites, better insecticidal effect and better resistance management.
2. The double-killing of eggs and eggs, long-lasting effect, adding high-efficiency auxiliaries, rapid effect: 0-4 hours after the drug, the pests stopped eating, and began to die after 48 hours. The crop protection period is up to 7-14 days.
3. Safe, pollution-free, low residue: Safe for crops and beneficial organisms, with a short safety interval.
Use technology:


Control object

Formulation amount



Beet armyworm



The best time to use this product is the hatching period of beet armyworm eggs until the larvae 1-2 years ago. Generally resistant area, spray 1 barrel of water per shot. There are older larvae using Youzhan 2 sets of a bucket of water or a set of Youzhan plus 10 grams of wide (5.7 KM saline dispersing granules) evenly sprayed.

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