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(Shouxian) 53% Bensulfuron-methyl · mefenacet wettable powder



Common name: 53% Bensulfuron-methyl · mefenacet wettable powder

60 grams, 1 kilogram

Control object: Annual weed
Registered crops: Rice
Features: 1. Wide application range: rice throwing fields, transplanting fields, direct seeding fields can be used.
2. Wide spectrum of herbicides: effective for a variety of grass weeds and broadleaf weeds.
3. Good safety: high safety for rice.
Use technology: In the rice transplanting field, after 5-7 days of transplanting, the seedlings and the mixed fertilizer are uniformly applied. Maintain 3-5 cm water layer when applying (subject to not drowning), and keep water for 5-7 days after medicine.



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