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Yuhuo combination (barnyard grass edition)


Resistant barnyard grass · Ordinary older barnyard grass Safety solution


Product direction: Resistant barnyard grass, safely solved!

Combination set

Features: 1. Fast effect: The product has strong permeability and quick effect!
2. Kill barnyard grass Efficient: Ingredients match synergy, add LK888 additive, new Yurun additive, more efficient than barnyard grass!
3. In addition to barnyard grass thoroughly: add a systemic conduction enhancer to promote more conduction to the roots. Barnyard grass rotten roots, dead grass more thoroughly!
Use technology: After the heart of indica 3 leaves, set a bucket of water 8 points and spray evenly.
Product Note: 1. This product is recommended for use in indica, japonica and japonica rice.
2, the use of this product should not be too early, should be used after 3 leaves and 1 heart.
3, pay attention to temperature changes, suitable temperature range of application between 15 degrees -35 degrees, avoid low temperature, avoid high temperature.
4. Use this product: drain first, then use medicine, then rehydrate.
5. There is a temporary yellowing phenomenon, which is normal. Improper use, yellowing and chlorosis began 3 days after the drug, and began to recover after 7-10 days, and returned to green.

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