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Yuhuo combination (Hekuo edition)


Resistant valerian, resistant ragweed, grass, broad grass, sedge all-removing program


Product direction: High efficiency · Hekuo double division · mixable cyhalofop-butyl

Combination bag

Features: 1. A wide range of herbicides: Hekuo all-removing products that are efficient for both alfalfa and high-leaf grass.
2. Ingredients match, the synergy is obvious: the synergy between the ingredients is obvious, and the LK888 additive is added at the same time, and the new Yurun additive can obviously improve the effect.
3. Can be mixed with cyhalofop-butyl: This product has no bensulfuron-methyl/pyrsulfuron-methyl component, and it has no obvious antagonistic or phytotoxicity when mixed with cyhalofop-butyl.
4. Product compliance: no hidden formation, product legal compliance.
Use technology: Hekuosha, such as yarrow and ragweed, occurs simultaneously at the same time: after the heart of the indica rice 3 leaves, a set of buckets of water is 8 points and sprayed evenly.
Product Note: 1. This product is recommended for use in indica, japonica and japonica rice
. 2. When using this product, the seedling should not be used too early. It should be used after 3 leaves and 1 heart.
3. Pay attention to the temperature change. The temperature range suitable for application is between 15 degrees and 35 degrees, avoiding low temperature and avoiding high temperature.
4. Use this product: drain first, then use medicine, then rehydrate.
5. There is a temporary yellowing phenomenon, which is normal. Improper use, yellowing and chlorosis began 3 days after the drug, and began to recover after 7-10 days, and returned to green.

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