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Fosthiazate10% GR

Root-knot nematode Terminator!


Common name: 10% Fosthiazate granules
Registered crops:


Registration object: Root-knot nematode
Suitable crops: Ginger, celery, tomato, carrot, yam, etc.
Specification: 500 grams, 1 kilogram
Features: 1. More granules, better protection: Gendilong uses low-density granules and contains more granules at the same weight, ensuring a denser distribution in the soil, making the nematodes difficult and giving crops better protection.
2. High-strength carrier, more stable release: The carrier used in this product is imported from Japan, and the particle strength is high, resistant to storage and transportation, and can be stably released in the soil.
3. Long-lasting effect and high cost performance: Compared with other high-toxic granules and smoked sheds, Gendilong provides a longer-lasting solution and higher cost performance.
Use technology:


Control object

Formulation amount



Root-knot nematode



How to use:
Use before planting. 1. Comprehensive soil mixed application (the most effective for controlling nematodes), and can also be applied by applying noodles and ditching. 2. Spread the agent evenly on the surface of the soil, and then mix the agent and the soil thoroughly with a rotary tiller or a hand tool. The depth of mixing of the agent and the soil needs to be 15-20 cm.

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